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Nimki Mukhiya 6th December 2018 Written Update

Scene 1
ANnaro says how dare you come here? Nimki says I called him in panchayt. Why didn’t he come. Annaro says how can you talk to him like that. Nimki says he is the sinner of our people. Why did you break the pipe. Tettar says what are you saying. Nehar says you damaged public property. Babbu says I will shoot you. Nehar says better not say all that when you’re already in trouble.
Tune says people are asking why did you break it.

Ritu says this Tune saved the money for himself. He used poor quality pipe and Nehar is with him. Nehar says I have nothing to do with it and I am not like your father I don’t steal money. Babbu fires in the air and says don’t take my father’s name or I will shoot you. Get out of here. Ritu says Nimki go now. Tettar says
go now. Nimki says I had holiday mood today but now you have ruined it already. Diamond says then go now. Nimki says not before your father accepts his crime and apologies people and pay for new pipe. Babbu says get lost in five minutes. Nimki says you have five minutes. Accept your crime or I will drag tettar to panchayt. Annaro says shoot her. Babbu shoots but there are no bullets in the gun. Babbu is dazed.

Mauha says neither Nimki nor Tune are picking the call. Ganesh tells Ram amd MAuha that nimki went to haveli. He says tettar will kill her. Ram says no one can even touch my daughter. Ismail says no one can do anything. Nehar says you can’t blackmail people after being the sinner yourself. Everyone priases nehar. Nehar says Babbu better back off. Put the gun down. Babbu says what proof do you have? Nimki says I have the proof. Nimki says jhariya come forward please. Nimki says where were you in the morning? He says we were out with babbu. Nimki slaps him. Babbu says how dare you. Nimki says you taught him to say lies? Tettar says you are crossing your limit now. Nehar take her or we will shoot her. I am tettar. Nimki says voice down. Don’t forget I am Nimki mukhiya. Nimki says Tune show everyone the video. Tune says see this video everyone. See who broke the pipeline. Nimki says I will screen it on huge screen. Nehar says you are caught Tettar. Nimki says now Jhariya will tell who ordered him. Babbu to Tettar. You will be welcomd in the jail. Apologize to the people and pay for new pipe or go to jail.

Precap-Annaro asks Nimki to come to haveli. she says you come to panchayat. Nimki launches the new pipeline.

Written Update by Atiba

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